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TES8 Session 404 April 8, 1968 4/129 (3%) plenty exercises financial dwindling maltz

[... 29 paragraphs ...]

Now I am telling you to forget it. I have told you that you will never be in severe financial difficulties again, but you do not trust my word enough, so far. You must instead insist upon watching every dollar in the bank, and fearing that it will dwindle away. And then of course it does, and you think that the physical circumstances certainly justify your attitude. But your attitude caused the circumstances.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(“How about the dwindling attendance at the ESP classes?”)

[... 43 paragraphs ...]

You do not need to banish the thought of money for you have not been concerned with money, but with the lack of money. You have thought of your dwindling bank account, and I tell you that this is why your bank account is dwindling. The material is not distorted. If you must think of your bank account—

[... 22 paragraphs ...]

Since you are however so strongly concerned with it these exercises will be of great benefit. I will give you a practical example here. Now Ruburt in his exercises has been imagining vividly his dream book sold, selling. While you have been imagining the dwindling accounts and pessimistically thinking that after all the book may not sell, and to be practical you cannot be sure that the outline will sell and your efforts therefore have been knocking each other out.

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