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TES8 Session 381 November 24, 1967 7/37 (19%) carl table pressure floor claire

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(Part one: A table tipping session on Wednesday, November 22, 1967, in our living room, with the following: Jane and Rob, and Claire Crittenden and Carl Watkins. Highly successful, the best achieved up to that time, with seemingly a full levitation almost accomplished.

(This session was not particularly planned, but grew out of conversation on the subject. Claire and Carl are young college students, and were home for Thanksgiving vacation. Rather late after meeting we began tipping the table, which started performing almost as soon as we sat around it. The session lasted for several hours, perhaps until 1 AM, and at its end all of us were exhausted.

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(Carl and Claire, previously, had used what they considered to be an even greater pressure on the table to level it out. With the experience furnished by the scale, they now estimated they used close to 90 pounds pressure to level the table, this being the moment of highest pressure during the evening. Several subsequent pressures were measured by using the scale on the tabletop, ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.

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(The table was active until after 1 AM. One other distinctive movement involved a seeming vault into the air while Carl held the table at arms length. This tipped the top vertically to the floor, and the other three present touched the top lightly. At first the table seemed to move Carl around in circles, continually being ahead of him, in that it ended up by twisting Carl’s arm awkwardly behind him; this made it very difficult for Claire, Jane and me to keep contact with the top. At the same time Carl insisted that he was not deliberately twisting the table this way around himself. The twisting was rapid.

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(The 381st session took place, unscheduled, after a lengthy and active table-tipping session of the evening of Friday, November 24, 1967. Claire Crittenden, Carl Watkins, Jane and I, along with Pat Norelli, from Boston, were joined by Bill and Peg Gallagher,Doug Hicks, Danny Stimmerman, Curt Kent and Peg’s brother Dick and his wife Carol, for an even dozen present, at our apartment.

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(There was no doubt that Seth wanted to come through. The evening’s events had set the stage most thoroughly. I have no idea of the reaction, subjectively, of some of the witnesses to what must have seemed a very strange happening indeed. Personally, I believe that only the Gallaghers, Claire, Pat and myself had witnessed a session. This left as new witnesses Peg’s brother Dick and his wife Carol, Danny,Curt, Doug and Carl; though Carl and perhaps one or two others had at least heard mention of Seth.

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(Peg’s notes are below. After all but Claire, Carl and Pat had left Seth came through again, dealing with reincarnational data on Carl, and I made verbatim notes on this.)

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