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TES8 Session 374 October 23, 1967 2/48 (4%) table alfalfa bradley john hazelton

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(John B. was also a witness to the 366th session, which dealt with the wife of John Pitre to some extent, multiple sclerosis, etc. I have to correct an error on page 134 in that session. John Bradley was misquoted there; he has heard of alfalfa extract, and indeed remembers his mother using it many years ago. Reading over John Pitre’s two recent letters, John Bradley said it is perfectly possible to make alfalfa tea from alfalfa pills, or the plant itself. The alfalfa product should be available at health-food stores, he said.

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The psychic environment still needs to be improved. The husband has made good efforts. However, stronger ones must be made. Particular care should be taken in the morning and evening, so that there is no atmosphere of negative suggestion. (Pause.) Continue the peanut oil and the other recommendations. The alfalfa should definitely be added now.

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