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TPS1 Session 373 (Deleted) October 18, 1967 4/60 (7%) defiance emotionalism talent paintings commercial

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Your own symptom, the hand, representing uncertainty in your work. You felt a shaky foundation. You felt that your talent was giving you but a shaky foundation or basis within economic and social realities.

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Anger that your art did not bring you more money. You felt that if your hand were surer you would be better recompensed. You were angry at your talent, wishing it were one that was more quickly recognized in financial terms in your society.

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The attitude itself helps cause that reality, to which you then react. When you were attempting to take your father’s place, you used your talent as your mother wanted you to. She had no use for your father’s talent of inventiveness, because he did not use it to make money.

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Give us a moment. (Pause. Head down.) Now hear me. Using what you have learned here tonight, you can use your ability more freely. (Pause.) You can step out, so to speak, you can allow yourself to rely upon the integrity of spontaneity as it applies to your painting and to your talent.

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