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TPS1 Session 373 (Deleted) October 18, 1967 4/60 (7%) defiance emotionalism talent paintings commercial

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

You were a commercial artist to make your mother happy, and to take your father’s place as breadwinner.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

Had you continued engrossed entirely in the commercial field your painting would not have developed. Your father would not have worked as a photographer. You could have become all but sexually your mother’s husband. This was avoided.

(Long pause, eyes closed.) This session itself should aid your understanding enough to allow some improvement almost immediately in the condition itself. Two issues are involved. The painting was an act of defiance against your mother, an act of independence. She approved of the commercial art because it made money. Therefore if you made money through your paintings, then subconsciously you thought that your mother would still be getting her way. You see?

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

Commercial work also still rankles. Beside other considerations you feel, subconsciously again, that you still serve your mother’s purposes: art for money, and that therefore your initial act of defiance and independence is not complete.

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