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TPS1 Session 371 (Deleted) October 11, 1967 7/67 (10%) symptoms ripping solution veil successful

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For a while however none should be missed, except for very good cause. The reaction following sessions has simply been the arousal of antagonism. The symptoms have been a defense against the sort of self-enlightenment that I am now giving in the sessions. There is then a natural reaction at times, as those tendencies in the personality that adopted the symptoms actually struggle to retain them.

A dislike of me for ripping away the veil of secrecy, for with the veil down the symptoms must disappear. I will judge therefore the duration of any given session in this light.

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Not actively. It is difficult to explain. The symptoms themselves cause certain chemical changes that have an effect, then, on the personality itself. If the self accepts the symptoms, and in all cases of illness to some extent or another this is true, then paradoxically a portion of the self identifies with the symptoms.

To rip away the symptoms becomes a ripping away of a portion of the self, even if a most disagreeable portion. The procedures immediately call for new growth on the part of the self, to replace what is being taken away, and to replace it in a more constructive fashion.

This necessitates finding the causes for the symptoms, backtracking, really, to the point before the symptoms’ appearance, and facing problems now that would not be faced then. The symptoms represent in all cases one attempt, one method, of solving the existing problems. The personality must become aware of the inefficiency of such a manner.

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He is progressing. The desperation caused by the symptoms became greater than the problem behind them. This alone showed him that his solution was wrong. The nature of his own individuality makes it impossible for him to accept such a solution. Therefore he had to seek others. This is a case where his curiosity stands him in good stead.

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(“How about those vivid dreams he’s had lately. It seems he’s been getting instructions concerning his symptoms, etc.”)

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