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TPS1 Session 371 (Deleted) October 11, 1967 4/67 (6%) symptoms ripping solution veil successful

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Now in some cases a physical illness is the best solution for various reasons having to do with reincarnational influences, and the inner lack of balance of the personality. In Ruburt’s case this is not so.

We are trying to make him see the basic difficulty, and give him a solution that is acceptable. He should make every effort to understand them consciously as well as emotionally.

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He is progressing. The desperation caused by the symptoms became greater than the problem behind them. This alone showed him that his solution was wrong. The nature of his own individuality makes it impossible for him to accept such a solution. Therefore he had to seek others. This is a case where his curiosity stands him in good stead.

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He must fully understand that while thought is action, thought cannot hurt nor help another without the consent of the other person involved. Their decision has to do with their own problems and solutions. He had nothing to do with making his mother a cripple, nor does his fear, hatred or scorn of her keep her in that condition.

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