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TES8 Session 353 July 17, 1967 2/46 (4%) cupboard peter slept wisconsin contrasting

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Now, he thought as a child that every night was literally a death, and every dawn literally a rebirth. He was terrified that his mother had died during the night when he was very young, and could not help him. She could not, you see, climb the stairs at his call. Later he felt that she would either commit suicide or kill them both while he slept, and he feared the night. (Pause.) In times of stress the old stay-awake-at-night fearful pattern reoccurs. In the deepest trouble he doubted your feeling for him also, and in exaggerated panic felt that you would feel released if he died, as he felt that he would feel released as an adolescent if his mother died. For in those hours he saw himself crippled as she was, and a stone about your neck.

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He rarely slept for more than three hours at a time for years, without interruption, and the old remembered biological pattern returns. Some guilt here, since in the past if he slept four hours he would have known that he slept through his mother’s call. Mainly however the three-hour biological pattern simply returns.

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