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TES8 Session 353 July 17, 1967 3/46 (7%) cupboard peter slept wisconsin contrasting

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In like manner, the visit of your young friend will also be beneficial (Peter Murtough, from Chula Vista, CA) and the visit of your Boston friend (Pat Norelli). These will bring a breakup, again of pattern, and prevent effectively a falling back. They will carry you safely through in other words, or carry Ruburt.

Now, you both had much to do with bringing these events about. Neither of you said no to your Peter, and more important you did not say no to Ruburt. His somewhat induced invitation represented a new use of freedom. On both of your parts, the boy’s visit will show that you have once again enough energy to use elsewhere.

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You will indeed have the opportunity to help this Peter at a very important time in his life, and his meeting with you will change the direction of his life; both inspire him and set him firmly and safely on his feet.

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