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TES8 Session 353 July 17, 1967 3/46 (7%) cupboard peter slept wisconsin contrasting

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The complete change of cupboard color is definitely advantageous. The last significant ghost images are being met head-on, symbolically, and conquered; this being given reinforcement in the physical universe because of the very physical work involved.

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(Another smile.) This is something like the fox he read of, who to get rid of fleas carries something like a ball of wool in his mouth and walks into the water, forcing the lice out further and further. In this case your full cupboard of dirty clothes has somewhat served. When the bathroom is entirely completed with the exception of the ceiling perhaps, then the clothing should be washed, and preferably, this time at a different laundromat.

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The contrasting color arrangement is a most healthy acceptance on his part of the spontaneous portion of his own personality. In a large manner in the past, he went along with your ideas involving the overall atmosphere—underline overall—of the apartment, feeling you would find contrasting elements irritants. The spontaneity is finding beneficial release. He is not so afraid now of making mistakes, or of trusting his own judgment, though he thinks it might conflict with your ideas in any given case. Hence his painting the cupboards blue.

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