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TES8 Session 345 June 12, 1967 2/63 (3%) foods job overexpectations pendulum list

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(I spent the afternoon using the pendulum and compiling a list of foods Jane shouldn’t eat, according to my own subconscious ideas. The idea was to see how accurate my delineations had been. Jane and I discussed the list before the session. A copy of the list will be found at the end of the session.

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(The list is a summary of three other pages of detailed notes, which are on file. To my surprise, when Jane checked the list with her own pendulum at about 8PM, before the session, she received definite answers that agreed with each item on my list. A qualification appeared only under the chocolate headings where Jane’s pendulum said she could use the dry malt mixes now in stores, as opposed to the regular old-time cocoa used in baking, hot chocolate, etc. I definitely did not expect such complete agreement on Jane’s part with my list.)

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