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TES8 Session 345 June 12, 1967 7/63 (11%) foods job overexpectations pendulum list

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(I spent the afternoon using the pendulum and compiling a list of foods Jane shouldn’t eat, according to my own subconscious ideas. The idea was to see how accurate my delineations had been. Jane and I discussed the list before the session. A copy of the list will be found at the end of the session.

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Now, unless you have further questions on this specific material, we will discuss the foods.

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It was correct, even to the percentage. This is not unusual however, but happens often. When the whole personality is in a high period of stress, and unbalanced, it works against itself even chemically. Various foods are then used in a destructive way, representing the emotional conflicting forces.

In periods of health this is greatly minimized. Cutting out the foods however will not cure a condition alone. The inner problems must be recognized and solved. Then the foods will no longer be a grave matter of concern.

Avoiding the foods during periods of stress is indeed a benefit however. The whole problem, discussed this evening and in the last session, is indeed the major thorn behind the difficulties, and all symptoms, and caused the food reactions you see.

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Do avoid the foods for now. Except for a barrier, yes, Ruburt may do what he wishes with his furniture. The desire to do so represents the fact that he is beginning to realize his freedoms.

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(It will be remembered that Seth has mentioned allergies re Jane and food on occasion in a mild way. I thought a detailed report of what foods Jane should avoid would help alleviate her symptoms, if there was any relationship. My pendulum said there was. The answers I obtained did not vary and the pendulum gave definite yes-and-no answers, without quibbling. To me this meant there was legitimate data there.

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