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TES8 Session 344 June 7, 1967 15/111 (14%) job nursery fear symptoms mobility

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(Tonight after supper I took Jane to the chiropractor for treatment of her stiff neck. Before the session I spoke aloud to Seth, asking him for straight answers to my questions about Jane’s symptoms lately. On June 5 I held a two-hour pendulum session of my own, concerning Jane’s symptoms, and received some revealing answers about the role I have played in them. This is written down, and may still be added to.

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(“We’re very concerned about when these symptoms will let up, of course.”)

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—then you should see some fairly immediate improvement when he realizes these steps will be taken. He has frozen up out of fear. The actions that he has taken he has not approved of. Those he wanted to take seemed, for inner or outer reasons, forbidden, and in frustration he adopted the symptoms.

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I will endeavor to do so, and believe I can to some extent. The adoption of the arthritis symptoms did have some mother identification, but also they were adopted simply because they were symptoms with which Ruburt was familiar. (Eyes open, emphatic.)

The annoying or frightening symptoms began when Ruburt began his search for work, unknown to him consciously. His attitudes had by now changed. In the past he did think of work as temporary. Now it meant failure.

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The hand symptoms also have to do with a feeling that he has not come to grips with reality. He wants the chance to do so in his own way, although he realizes his way may not, you see, pan out financially. He wants to try.

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(“Did the nursery school job contribute to the symptoms?”)

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(“Has he suffered any physical damage from the symptoms?”)

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The symptoms became aggravated again after he signed up for next year’s work schedule at nursery school. Consciously he was pleased. Unconsciously, this verified his fear, that next year also he would make no money writing. He was pleased with the raise on a conscious level, but felt it blood money.

(Jane’s signing a “contract” to work next winter was a point that completely escaped both of us when her symptoms became aggravated. I also missed it in my pendulum session. It is actually merely a piece of paper, and the agreement it contains can be terminated at any time by either Jane or her employer.

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As a climate of permissiveness and encouragement is maintained, the symptoms will quickly vanish. You are not responsible for all of these restraints, you understand. He did not feel he had to run to move, because of the reasons given. In ordinary circumstances frequent small trips are of benefit in maintaining his overall health and efficiency level.

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Unfortunately it was, and yet he needed to do much work on it, and in the overall you will gain. Had it been accepted, sent out and accepted later, but before this present date, the symptoms would have vanished.

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Do you have questions? The symptoms will vanish as quickly as he feels restraints lifted. But he will need your encouragement, for he is himself afraid of lifting them, you see.

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One of the symptoms, you understand, is a fear of his own spontaneity.

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(“Which symptom is related to a fear of his own spontaneity?”)

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