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TES8 Session 344 June 7, 1967 7/111 (6%) job nursery fear symptoms mobility

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Ruburt’s statements a few moments earlier, regarding his feelings, concerning his future, were and are important. What he accepted as a temporary condition he fears to be a permanent one—that is, the temporary positions. He expected more. Unfortunately he then projected a present situation into the future, which to some extent, resulted in a lack of mobility; the present conditions then seen as continuing indefinitely.

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(“Well, certainly my own rigid attitudes contributed to her lack of mobility.”)

He, as I explained earlier, has a strong spontaneous self, which he had been taught to fear. It was because of distrust of this spontaneous self that he accepted your suggestions so readily and without argument. This did indeed result in further lack of mobility, with strong emotional blockages because of his feeling for you. This explains some of the difficulties incidentally in your intimate life together.

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A vacation will be of great benefit, because of the physical mobility in space, you see. As many small trips beside this as possible will help.

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He has a need for mobility. What you call a normal job is confining to him because of his background, and stops up energy.

(“Well, I would like to say here that I am perfectly willing to give Jane all the help she needs to attain the necessary mobility. I do understand her needs in this respect. I’d also like to say that in the future I wish she wouldn’t take my word for things concerning her own feelings and affairs so literally—that she be much more independent in this respect.

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(At break I asked that Seth say what he think of our recent idea that Jane show some book ideas to Don Wollheim, at Ace, as a means of mobility in her writing.)

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