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TES8 Session 344 June 7, 1967 9/111 (8%) job nursery fear symptoms mobility

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He felt particularly sensitive looking for a job precisely when his book had arrived in the bookstores. This seemed the one time when he should not have to look, you see.

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(“Did the nursery school job contribute to the symptoms?”)

Not the job as such.

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It was the only kind of job he could have taken and kept for any time, outside of the Avon job. If he can realize that working out may only be temporary, he could continue doing so with no difficulty.

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If he is going to have an outside job it is as good as any, and after the summer should not bother him. It fills certain spontaneous needs. If however effort is to be made to find another solution—

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—the very fact of seeking another solution will be of great benefit, in itself, and leaves open several possibilities. The job could be kept for a semester. It could be dropped entirely, or it could be kept while trying the experiment. The fact of trying the other experiment is really important in his present state of mind particularly. It offers him an alternative beside a regular outside job, to supplement the writing income.

He has a need for mobility. What you call a normal job is confining to him because of his background, and stops up energy.

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(“Is it okay to let the nursery school job for next fall, and the contract, ride for now?”)

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Summertime may or may not be a good time to begin private classes. He may be frightened to give up the job ahead of time. Any move in writing will serve him well.

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