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TES8 Session 341 May 15, 1967 4/38 (11%) crosson thermal welm collective boundary

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Consciousness itself perceives directly, and these various methods of perception have been adopted to meet varying physical circumstances. Such thermal pictures are found in what is called the old brain, and to these, the body responds with changes of temperature that sparks various chemical reactions.

In for example the worm, the process ends here. In so-called higher forms, the chemical process itself allows for the creation of an ordinary image. This brings about further thermal responses and chemical alterations, that allow the thought processes to proceed.

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The brain looks out upon the physical universe, and consciousness then reacts, again creatively, to that environment. Information is now carried in reverse fashion back to the inner self, in an instantaneous and automatic procedure. Thus thought becomes an inner image which is translated into a thermal image, and then into intuitional form, into highly condensed and codified data, and then into a pure and direct sort of experience which you cannot understand as physical creatures.

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Now, the process does not cease at the physical boundaries of the self however. The data thus far has been seen as traveling from the inner self outward, as being translated from pure knowledge into thermal pictures, inner images and thoughts. Obviously words and action follow.

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