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TES8 Session 341 May 15, 1967 2/38 (5%) crosson thermal welm collective boundary

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(A letter Jane received Tuesday, May 16, may or may not be referred to in the above last session paragraph. The letter is from her correspondent in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, the Reverend James C. Crosson. Reverend Crosson did not refer to the WELM program, of course, but in his letter offers Jane an opportunity to lecture to a group on ESP in Massachusetts, which is the same type of activity. It develops he also writes book reviews for the Garrett publication, Parapsychology*, which recently carried a review of Jane’s book. Jane feels Crosson would have given the book a better review, and an entirely legitimate one, than it did receive. Then she added:*

(Much later, November 1968—Crosson without my knowledge writes to an editor at Doubleday telling them about my book, Dreams, Astral Projection & ESP and suggests they take a look. I did not learn this till January when Crosson told me in a letter. Crosson—the C, of course, and the two S’s give a Z sound.)

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