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TES7 Session 294 October 17, 1966 6/59 (10%) statue nassau hip san hill

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A commemoration of a stabbing. A statue. I do not know here. It is connected with a general, but I believe the man whose image is represented by the statue stabbed the general. It would seem to be the commemoration of a murder to me. Either 1861 or 16, I am not sure.

Metal connected with the statue (pause) and it seems a modern street light very close nearby. (Pause.) Connected with this, very dim here: Concordiant. (Pause; my interpretation; her eyes closed, Jane attempted to write in the air with a finger the words she tried to pronounce.) De, I believe, seven—Savrantinos (halting pronunciation) I said concordi—Concordiat de Savrantino.

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A queen who dies on Friday in another land, had something to do with the battle. (Pause.) The hero, represented in a statue, had once been a cobbler, and came from a place that sounds like Guatemala, though this is not precise. The name is like this: San Guatama? (My interpretation.) San Guatama? (Pause.) And had two brothers. One brother working against him in these politics.

Now. This statue, with the row houses to the left and the street light: Following around the curve to the left, you run into a better-sectioned area, up a hill on a broad street now. (Pause, eyes closed. Later Jane was to say she was seeing this within, while yet being aware of still sitting in her chair.) Then the street curves again to the left, and beneath it are rocks—that is, a rocky ledge down to the sea, I believe.

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(She said the time was approximately early evening—at least neither bright daylight or fully night. The road showed up white. While talking about the statue opposite the row houses, she did not see the statue, she said, but was aware of it nevertheless. She thought the statue might have been on an “island” in the center of the road. She could follow the road around the curves, etc., and saw it in correct perspective as it went up the hill.

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(Jane said again that although she talked about the statue she never did see it for some reason. But she had images of the row houses behind or beside it. Jane pointed out also that one would expect such dates as she gave in connection with island history in the Caribbean, and that such things as dungeons, galleons, etc., would be involved. The interpretation of much of this data will also depend on what the Gallaghers remember.

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