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TES7 Session 294 October 17, 1966 3/59 (5%) statue nassau hip san hill

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Date. We are still trying for dates, you see. Sixteen eight three. Two, 1724, 1721. San Josius (my interpretation) san, S A N…. (Pause.)

A memorial commemorating the beginning of a revolution or a war. The San Joseo is not correct exactly. (My interpretation.) San Juan? Question mark there.

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A queen who dies on Friday in another land, had something to do with the battle. (Pause.) The hero, represented in a statue, had once been a cobbler, and came from a place that sounds like Guatemala, though this is not precise. The name is like this: San Guatama? (My interpretation.) San Guatama? (Pause.) And had two brothers. One brother working against him in these politics.

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