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TES7 Session 294 October 17, 1966 6/59 (10%) statue nassau hip san hill

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(Jane put in her second day as a substitute teacher today, and was obviously tired by session time. She wanted to hold the session. I suggested she demand plenty of energy, as Seth said she could do in the last session. Also, Jane’s hip and foot had bothered her a good deal, and she told me that she had not been consistent yet in demanding the energy available to her, and in channeling it upon her books as suggested by Seth.

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(Pause, long.) We find a nervous situation in the hip area. The recommendations I gave the other evening still strongly apply, and they have not been followed. Those recommendations represent steps that will lead to the disappearance of all symptoms. Otherwise, one disappears to be replaced by another.

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The energy must be directed toward the personality’s main work, the two books at hand, if the personality is to progress along its chosen lines. (Long pause.) The inner conflict, you see, appears in imbalances now within the system, where sets of muscles (pause) battle with other sets: this setup, the nervous hip disorders. The recommendations I gave, faithfully followed, will completely cure the system. Half measures will not work.

Now, once again, I will help the personality relieve the symptoms. In this case, clear the left hip and leg area, and a small area in the front portion of the left shoulder. This is only a temporary benefit however, unless and until the suggested recommendations are followed completely.

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(Break at 9:28. Jane was dissociated as usual. Her eyes had begun to open fairly often, and had been very dark. She said her tense hip already felt better.

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(End at 10:06. Jane was well dissociated this last delivery. Her pace had been faster, her eyes open often. She said her hip felt much better. It is now Wednesday as I write this; yesterday Jane began putting Seth’s suggestions into effect; she was pleased to report no trouble yesterday or today, in contrast to her unhappy state of Monday, October 17. She is back at work on her dream book.

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