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TES7 Session 294 October 17, 1966 8/59 (14%) statue nassau hip san hill

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Now. This statue, with the row houses to the left and the street light: Following around the curve to the left, you run into a better-sectioned area, up a hill on a broad street now. (Pause, eyes closed. Later Jane was to say she was seeing this within, while yet being aware of still sitting in her chair.) Then the street curves again to the left, and beneath it are rocks—that is, a rocky ledge down to the sea, I believe.

To the right just before this last left-hand turn and hill, is a fairly low building where I believe our friends eat, or at least they visit here. This place is fairly modern, and fairly it would seem American by contrast to other places they visit. But only by contrast.

Further on at the top of the hill, at the left-hand turn, is another white building at the curve, that is a new building. Now I believe our friends stay somewhat further up this same road, for the night. A saint here, and a gorge. Or perhaps this is Saint George. (Smile.)

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(Jane had some images while speaking in trance. She felt “really in” during the last delivery especially. While talking about the road going up the hill she saw it pretty well, she said, as though she were more there than here. However she was still aware that she sat in a rocking chair; she wasn’t floating along the road in Nassau, fully separated from her physical body.

(She said the time was approximately early evening—at least neither bright daylight or fully night. The road showed up white. While talking about the statue opposite the row houses, she did not see the statue, she said, but was aware of it nevertheless. She thought the statue might have been on an “island” in the center of the road. She could follow the road around the curves, etc., and saw it in correct perspective as it went up the hill.

(The building, a restaurant or whatever, at the foot of the hill was fairly American, she said, compared to the large white building at the top of the curving road and hill. The Gallaghers stayed beyond the large white building, and Jane had the impression that there the buildings were sparser.

(I tried to pin her down on details of the hill, since this would be somewhat unusual on an island like Nassau, which as far as I know is quite low-lying. Neither of us have ever been there. For that matter we do not have Seth’s word for it, in so many words, that the Gallaghers are on Nassau; we surmise this because of what Peggy said last Friday night, October 14.

(The closest Jane could come on the hill details, then, is that it was a longer and gradual incline rather than a short upright climb; and that it raised up perhaps the height of a one-story building in the course of its climb. The best we can say is that this geography sounds possible for those islands.

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