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TES7 Session 293 October 12, 1966 6/46 (13%) energy maturation demand october broods

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(On Tuesday, October 11, Jane put in her first day as a substitute teacher; she later said she was aware of using a great amount of energy.)

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(Jane took a long pause, her eyes closed. Seth here refers to our table tipping experiments of Friday, October 7. That evening’s fun led to the successful 73rd envelope experiment of October 10. Three couples were involved on October 7—Jane and I, the Gallaghers, and Marilyn and Don Wilbur.

(When Bill, Don and I first tried tipping the table on October 7 we faked the results; this led to some rather vehement reactions on the part of the three women. Later in the evening we obtained legitimate results with the table; during one of these experiments the table told us that the communicator was Don Wilbur’s grandfather.)

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(Bill and Peggy Gallagher leave on vacation for two weeks, beginning Monday, October 17.)

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(End at 10:39. Jane was out as usual. Pace slower, eyes open often. On Saturday October 8 Jane and I saw Linda’s day-old baby girl, Eileen Elizabeth, at the hospital near Tunkhannock, PA. We hadn’t asked Seth for any material on the baby.)

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