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TES7 Session 293 October 12, 1966 3/46 (7%) energy maturation demand october broods

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Your own system, Joseph, handles this energy in an entirely different fashion, and there is with you a certain feedback that works to your advantage, a certain withholding of energy that is then released. With you it leads to a maturation of images, you see. At the same time you have an alternating current, also of high intensity energy, with this maturating tendency however. You have been slower in your projection attempts, yet you will do very well when these twin currents are in harmony. I am using the current idea simply to explain. I do not mean literally two currents.

Your inner pace however depends upon alternating high energy activity. Followed by a slower period of maturation, before final conversion of energy to another form. These individualistic ways of using energy will mark your activities throughout your lifetimes. When your slower period lengthens beyond a certain point, then with you there is difficulty. However you have largely understood this on a subconscious basis, and now almost automatically make necessary inner adjustments.

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As you know now, Ruburt handled himself well in a new situation, and that maturity gained these past two years was instantly felt. He would have hit upon the proper solution to his physical symptoms eventually on his own. This evening’s session has already intuitively made great sense to him, and will save him several months of difficulties. And I take no fee. (Gesture, smiling, eyes open. Then long pause, eyes closed.)

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