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TES7 Session 293 October 12, 1966 19/46 (41%) energy maturation demand october broods

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Now. The concentration that he used in teaching should tell him something. He literally brought a tremendous amount of energy to bear. Automatically he drew upon this energy and focused it for his own purposes.

(On Tuesday, October 11, Jane put in her first day as a substitute teacher; she later said she was aware of using a great amount of energy.)

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This same kind of energy can be utilized most handily in projections of another sort. The same amount of energy focused in an out-of-body experience would have resulted in some venture indeed. It is the same kind of energy he utilizes in his poetry.

It is this energy that he must utilize now to finish the two books he has begun. Quite literally again, all he has to do is demand that the energy is available, and it shall be. He uses this energy quite subconsciously in his psychic work. He must demand of himself that the energy be used however under various circumstances. When he does not do this he lets himself down.

He also punishes himself rather unkindly, with sore muscles, incidentally. When he is working at full power he is quite beyond such physical symptoms. He is outside of them. This energy, the use of it, is a natural ability that is part of his personality, and he must use it. For him it results in a smooth performance, for when he does not use it fully then he is besieged by false starts and interruptions.

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The unused energy ties him up in knots, you see. (Her eyes open, Jane gestured by clapping her upper arms; she has experienced muscle cramps and spasms in both deltoids recently.) He must now concentrate that same energy into three main fields or endeavors: poetry and the two books. When he is home working the same energy utilized in his teaching must be used for his own work. This will effectively relieve him of all physical symptoms.

If my suggestions here are followed the results will be almost immediate. Yet using more energy he will have more left. Success with his dream work depends precisely upon this excess energy still available at day’s end. His whole physiological structure is geared to high activity. I am not speaking of nervous, erratic or undisciplined action of course.

The energy, that propelling supportive energy, used in out-of- body projections, will give astounding results. Ruburt’s image is indeed imprinted most strongly in the mind of every child in his classes yesterday, and this focused energy made this possible. Used in a projection, the same intensity of energy would allow results that could be proven without doubt, and accepted without reservation.

Put to my service during a session they would allow—the energies would allow—us to explain various principles with utmost clarity, and greatly improve our experimental data. He must learn to call upon this energy when he wants to. In the past he has accepted it but not understood it, nor known how to recall it. His system is simply equipped more than most to handle and utilize high energy intensities.

In his very early adulthood there was the matter of discipline. The energy frightened him because he could not control it. Now he can. Used properly and to advantage, it will be responsible for several major breakthroughs resulting from your joint work.

Erratic use of high intensity energy can be disruptive to the system however, for the change of pace can be too abrupt. The system will automatically pace itself, but he must learn to demand that he himself use the energy. It is not available to all to this degree, and he has a tendency to fall back, so to speak, and not to demand the most of himself. This is when physical difficulties arise. I am not suggesting that he run full steam ahead at every moment. I am suggesting that he use the full force of his available energy for every task at hand. He does not know as yet the full strength inherent in this energy. He is a converter, his system tuned toward converting psychic energy.

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Momentarily poor habits stopped him from focusing this energy fully into his books. Now his system will always work in this same manner. It is built to use, handle and convert high energy intensities.

Through personal interests and background this is done through his work. When this is not done the unconverted energy is literally stopped up, and causes definite physical symptoms that represent a blockage of energy. This can lead to general nervousness as well. A vicious circle is then formed. He broods because he knows he is not working correctly, and then because he broods he cannot work correctly.

Circumstances or a general letdown actually lead to a point where he loses touch, you see, with this energy, and this is the basic difficulty. When this is realized then he has only to demand of himself that this energy again be used, and the system will automatically adjust itself. He has in the past changed his working area or conditions. This often was an aid, you see, simply because he set up circumstances for concentration.

The proper use of this energy is the basis for his success however in all fields of his endeavor. The teaching experience was excellent. The energy caught him quite unaware, you see, so that he could study it with some objectivity afterward.

Your own system, Joseph, handles this energy in an entirely different fashion, and there is with you a certain feedback that works to your advantage, a certain withholding of energy that is then released. With you it leads to a maturation of images, you see. At the same time you have an alternating current, also of high intensity energy, with this maturating tendency however. You have been slower in your projection attempts, yet you will do very well when these twin currents are in harmony. I am using the current idea simply to explain. I do not mean literally two currents.

Your inner pace however depends upon alternating high energy activity. Followed by a slower period of maturation, before final conversion of energy to another form. These individualistic ways of using energy will mark your activities throughout your lifetimes. When your slower period lengthens beyond a certain point, then with you there is difficulty. However you have largely understood this on a subconscious basis, and now almost automatically make necessary inner adjustments.

The level and period of your energy can be seen from a study of your dreams. Clairvoyant dreams and dreams of intuitive natures will occur in high level periods. They will also be more vivid, and the pseudosensual impressions will appear more concrete. Projections will also be excellent. Your influence over others will be heightened, and during such periods you will project emotions and ideas with great clearness. Negative ones, you see, as well as positive ones, so some discipline is necessary.

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I also suggest that you yourselves concentrate upon the success of Ruburt’s book. It is still sailing along on the original psychic energy with which you both invested it. I believe that the figures I gave you are correct almost to a penny—at least they are very close.

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