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TES7 Session 293 October 12, 1966 4/46 (9%) energy maturation demand october broods

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It is this energy that he must utilize now to finish the two books he has begun. Quite literally again, all he has to do is demand that the energy is available, and it shall be. He uses this energy quite subconsciously in his psychic work. He must demand of himself that the energy be used however under various circumstances. When he does not do this he lets himself down.

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These are reflected in the physical system, for it is geared, and naturally so, for intense action, and here he functions best. I am speaking now of his ideal performance. When he is working well his rest is in his work. When he demands less of himself and then more, and then less, the physical system, geared for steady highly-focused action, becomes confused; the glandular systems upset, and the nervous system as well.

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Erratic use of high intensity energy can be disruptive to the system however, for the change of pace can be too abrupt. The system will automatically pace itself, but he must learn to demand that he himself use the energy. It is not available to all to this degree, and he has a tendency to fall back, so to speak, and not to demand the most of himself. This is when physical difficulties arise. I am not suggesting that he run full steam ahead at every moment. I am suggesting that he use the full force of his available energy for every task at hand. He does not know as yet the full strength inherent in this energy. He is a converter, his system tuned toward converting psychic energy.

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Circumstances or a general letdown actually lead to a point where he loses touch, you see, with this energy, and this is the basic difficulty. When this is realized then he has only to demand of himself that this energy again be used, and the system will automatically adjust itself. He has in the past changed his working area or conditions. This often was an aid, you see, simply because he set up circumstances for concentration.

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