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TES7 Session 292 October 10, 1966 14/126 (11%) cap beer friday tipping 88

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(See the previous pages for tracings of the two envelope objects used in the 73rd experiment this evening. The beer can cap was enclosed within my folded note; the note was written on white paper in the same color ink used to make the tracings. Both items came from a gathering of friends at our apartment last Friday evening, October 7. The dark color on the end of the tab is carbon black from a candle flame. I did this deliberately on Friday evening during the gathering, in full view of everyone, for at that moment I decided to use this cap as the envelope object for the session tonight. Other details later.

[... 49 paragraphs ...]

(Jane had some images and these will be mentioned in place. This is a case where Jane had seen one of the two items making up the envelope objects very recently—the beer can cap, on Friday, October 7, three days ago. She had never seen my penned note bearing the date and identifying the brand of beer, Draft Beer. See pages 86-88 for tracings of the two envelope objects, and the beer can. I might add that Jane saw the beer can cap only in a casual way. There were quite a few lying about our living room Friday evening. Our candle was not lit until late that evening. When I picked up a cap to blacken in the flame I thought this would focus Jane’s conscious attention on this particular one, but she told me at break tonight that she hadn’t noticed my heating the cap, or else had forgotten it.

(Two other couples visited us last Friday evening, Bill and Peggy Gallagher, and Marilyn and Don Wilbur. Jane and I furnished wine, so did the Gallaghers, and the Wilburs brought two six-packs of beer—one of Draft Beer, the other of Carling Black Label.

[... 8 paragraphs ...]

(“A Friday.” See the tracing of the note I enclosed with the beer can cap in the double envelopes, on page 86. The first line of my copy reads “Used Friday, Oct. 7/66.” This little note was written on Friday, October 7 also, after company left. [This session was held on Monday, October 10.]

(“A vertical format.” Seth didn’t help us out here and I neglected to ask him to after break, but in view of later data Jane and I believe this applies to the design on the Draft Beer can, furnishing the cap used as one of the envelope objects. See page 88. Due to its nature a beer can would bear a vertical format. The card table we used had a plain brown top; but perhaps Seth referred to something else.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(“Connection with a large city. This Minneapolis connection, I do not know to what it refers. Again, a capital letter impression, a large M. Minneapolis, Mississippi—that length of word, with a place description connected.” Jane said she was sure these long names beginning with an M reflected her attempts to come through with Milwaukee, rather than Minneapolis. She tied up the Milwaukee name to our having beer to drink at the gathering Friday evening: and of course a beer can furnished the metal object used in the experimental envelope. See page 88.

(Jane has a personal association here. The only city that she knows advertises beer is Milwaukee—“The beer that made a city famous,” etc. Milwaukee is a word of about the same length as Minneapolis, etc., and also is connected to a place.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(In regard to the Minneapolis-Milwaukee data above, it should be added that the Iroquois Draft Beer can that furnished the cap used as object in tonight’s experiment, did not come from Milwaukee or anywhere in the Midwest. See the sketch on page 88. The can and contents originated in Buffalo, NY, as indicated.

(“Printed matter and a design.” Again, see the tracings of the two envelope objects on page 86. The note enclosed with the beer can cap bears my handwriting. This is not printing, although Seth has often intermixed the terms printing, writing, lettering, typing, etc. We think this good data. And that “design” can refer to the metallic, cleanly-designed beer can. Seth goes on from here.

(“Something small and round, like a ring, or small circular shape.” The beer can cap used as object is small and round, like a ring. Jane pointed out also that the word “Ring” appears twice in blind emboss on top of Draft Beer cans, one of which furnished the cap. See page 88.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

(I blackened the cap in the candle flame in order to tie the evening’s activities more closely to the cap, for the beer had been consumed during the table tipping. As stated I held the cap in the flame without pretense, before everyone, but of course told no one why I did so. Nor did anyone ask. It also developed that Jane did not notice my doing so.

(Red also appears on the Draft Beer can, one of which furnished the cap, in the words “by Iroquois,” and in the design of the Indian head at the bottom of the can. See page 88.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(“A calendar, or series of numbers.” I wrote a series of three numbers on the note used as one of the envelope objects, indicating the date. See page 86. There are also numbers on the beer can shown on page 88. There could be many other references to numbers.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

(“Something old-fashioned, as a horse and buggy.” Again, note the Indian head, plus the name Iroquois, on the beer can shown on page 88. Jane said the old-fashioned data is her attempt to get at this. Her personal associations run to horses-and-wagons-and-Indians-and-fighting-in-westerns, in the movies and on TV. Although subjective, she regards this as good data.

[... 21 paragraphs ...]

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