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TES7 Session 283 September 5, 1966 5/106 (5%) barbara goose postcard card va

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(See the tracings of the object on page 16. The object was a postcard mailed to us by Barbara Ingold from Ft. Belvoir, VA, on July 12,1966. It is of a display called Story Book Land at Woodbridge, VA, and shows Mother Goose. Barbara lives in the downstairs apartment, beneath us.

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(“Again, a formal affair connected here.” The card used as object tonight was sent to us by Barbara from Ft. Belvoir, VA. She visited her sister there, and while there attended a cocktail party and a dance in the company of a male she thinks highly of. Jane and I do not know if these affairs were literally formal however.

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(“That is, a formal affair or formal arrangement.” If this data is connected with the numbers above, we miss the connection. We believe the formal arrangement here refers to the layout of the display of Story Book Land at Woodbridge, VA. The copy on the back of the object in the upper left corner refers to “a beautiful woodland setting” of favorite storybook characters.

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(“A wooded area.” In back of the statue of Mother Goose is a dense, dark green pine forest, as indicated on the tracing on page 16, as well as several trees nearer the foreground. As noted, the copy in the upper left hand corner on the back of the object mentions “a beautiful woodland setting.” Story Book Land is also in Woodbridge, VA.

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(“In any case the impression of a round cancellation shape.” Yes. On the back of the card is the usual round cancellation, bearing the date, zip code and city and state—Ft. Belvoir, VA.

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