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TES7 Session 283 September 5, 1966 12/106 (11%) barbara goose postcard card va

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(See the tracings of the object on page 16. The object was a postcard mailed to us by Barbara Ingold from Ft. Belvoir, VA, on July 12,1966. It is of a display called Story Book Land at Woodbridge, VA, and shows Mother Goose. Barbara lives in the downstairs apartment, beneath us.

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(“Something oval. Egg-shaped as a thin oval line just inside of a rectangular card.” The object is rectangular and is a card. There is no oval shape just within its borders however, either literal or implied, although there are several oval shapes within the picture on the card, as well as the circular postmark on the back. Later note by RFB: Mother Goose on card carries a basket (of eggs?). There is a goose beside her—reminds me of goose eggs.

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(“With, now… my impression here is of a desk, or chair connected with a desk. The type used in classrooms. I do not know if this refers to a child who attends school, to a teacher, or to someone such as your friends downstairs who have such an object.” There are plenty of connections here, though some are roundabout. Merle and Lois Cratsley also live in the apartment house, on the first floor, and do own such a chair. Their apartment adjoins Barbara, and they are of course well acquainted. The Cratsleys have no children but Barbara does have one, a girl nine years old. Later note by RFB: Mother Goose is a child’s tale. The place referred to as Story Land.

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(“Red.” Mother Goose, on the object, wears a red skirt, and a purple blouse and hat with red circular decorations. The flowers at the foot of the statue are also red, with a few in white.

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(“A garden.” A flower garden is shown at the foot of the statue of Mother Goose, on the object. The flowers surround three sides of the statue base, and appear to be petunias, red and white.

(“A variety of small circles, fitting one inside the other, like jewelry. Like some earrings.” The picture on the postcard used as object contains many small circles, mainly the flowers as noted above, and the small circular designs, also apparently flowers, on the blouse and cap of Mother Goose. They do not necessarily fit one inside the other however. Mother Goose wears no earrings.

(In connection with the “small circles” data above, I should add that Jane was subjectively sure the data did not refer to the printing or Barbara’s writing on the object. With this data Jane had an image of tiny circles, as on the Mother Goose costume, or of jewelry.

(“A wooded area.” In back of the statue of Mother Goose is a dense, dark green pine forest, as indicated on the tracing on page 16, as well as several trees nearer the foreground. As noted, the copy in the upper left hand corner on the back of the object mentions “a beautiful woodland setting.” Story Book Land is also in Woodbridge, VA.

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(“Printed matter, near the center.” See the tracing of the object on page 16. On the picture side of the postcard there is a plaque beneath the statue of Mother Goose, bearing a rhyme. The plaque is in the lower center of the card, thus “near” the center.

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(“And many, more than one, reddish colored stamps.” No. The card bears the usual single gray blue 5¢ stamp showing George Washington. This data may have been confused with the many red flowers shown on the object, plus the many red decorations on the costume of Mother Goose.

(“And some blue. With a figure.” We believe this data goes together. As stated the stamp on the object is gray blue, and bears a figure 5. It seems however that this data probably refers to the figure of Mother Goose, shown on the object, and to the statue standing upon a base that is painted blue. In addition Mother Goose wears blue shoes. There is blue in her costume as well as red, and the goose beside her is a blue gray.

(First Question: What is the spectacular arrangement you mentioned? “I am not sure. It may have to do with flowers.” This seems to pin the spectacular reference down to the postcard picture, since it shows the statue of Mother Goose in Story Book Land, surrounded by red and white flowers.

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