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TES7 Session 283 September 5, 1966 13/106 (12%) barbara goose postcard card va

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(The envelope object for the 69th experiment was a colored postcard sent to us by Barbara Ingold, our neighbor who lives below us on the first floor. Colors on the front and back of the object are indicated to some degree on the tracing on page 16. Jane hadn’t seen the card since we received it. As usual I placed it between two pieces of Bristol then sealed it in double envelopes.

(The date within the circular cancellation is not clear as far as the last two letters go. At first glance it might be taken either for June or July, but from other records we keep we were able to verify to our satisfaction that Barbara mailed the card to us in July 1966.

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Something oval. Egg-shaped (pause) as a thin oval line just inside of a rectangular card.

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(One image Jane had while speaking was of Barbara’s boyfriend Dick, and of the very colorful plaid sports jacket he wore. Jane saw Dick wearing this today. This is a legitimate connection, since the image served to bring up the idea of Barbara, who sent us the card used as object.

(I picked the card deliberately because it had an emotional attachment to Jane, versus such a neutral object as a leaf, a clipping from a magazine, etc. In these experiments we try to show that an original emotional attachment can lead to valid clairvoyant/telepathic data. However Jane had not seen the object since we received it in July, and consciously had forgotten its existence.

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(“Something oval. Egg-shaped as a thin oval line just inside of a rectangular card.” The object is rectangular and is a card. There is no oval shape just within its borders however, either literal or implied, although there are several oval shapes within the picture on the card, as well as the circular postmark on the back. Later note by RFB: Mother Goose on card carries a basket (of eggs?). There is a goose beside her—reminds me of goose eggs.

(“A connection with a session.” The connection here is Barbara herself, who mailed us the card used as object. Barbara, as well as her boyfriend Dick, played a strong emotional part in the envelope data for the 68th experiment, of August 29, 281st session.

(It may be possible that this connection is reinforced by a postcard as envelope object in the 67th experiment, in the 279th session for August 15. That card was sent to us by Leonard Yaudes, who also lives in the apartment house. See Volume 6.

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(“Again, a formal affair connected here.” The card used as object tonight was sent to us by Barbara from Ft. Belvoir, VA. She visited her sister there, and while there attended a cocktail party and a dance in the company of a male she thinks highly of. Jane and I do not know if these affairs were literally formal however.

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(“Printed matter, near the center.” See the tracing of the object on page 16. On the picture side of the postcard there is a plaque beneath the statue of Mother Goose, bearing a rhyme. The plaque is in the lower center of the card, thus “near” the center.

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(“A date, perhaps June of this year.” As noted on page 17, the last two letters of the month are missing within the circular postmark on the back of the card. “Ju” only being visible. But from other records we have we have determined that Barbara mailed us the card on July 12, rather than June.

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(“In any case the impression of a round cancellation shape.” Yes. On the back of the card is the usual round cancellation, bearing the date, zip code and city and state—Ft. Belvoir, VA.

(“And many, more than one, reddish colored stamps.” No. The card bears the usual single gray blue 5¢ stamp showing George Washington. This data may have been confused with the many red flowers shown on the object, plus the many red decorations on the costume of Mother Goose.

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