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TES7 Session 283 September 5, 1966 17/106 (16%) barbara goose postcard card va

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(The envelope object for the 69th experiment was a colored postcard sent to us by Barbara Ingold, our neighbor who lives below us on the first floor. Colors on the front and back of the object are indicated to some degree on the tracing on page 16. Jane hadn’t seen the card since we received it. As usual I placed it between two pieces of Bristol then sealed it in double envelopes.

(The date within the circular cancellation is not clear as far as the last two letters go. At first glance it might be taken either for June or July, but from other records we keep we were able to verify to our satisfaction that Barbara mailed the card to us in July 1966.

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(See the tracings of the object on page 16. The object was a postcard mailed to us by Barbara Ingold from Ft. Belvoir, VA, on July 12,1966. It is of a display called Story Book Land at Woodbridge, VA, and shows Mother Goose. Barbara lives in the downstairs apartment, beneath us.

(One image Jane had while speaking was of Barbara’s boyfriend Dick, and of the very colorful plaid sports jacket he wore. Jane saw Dick wearing this today. This is a legitimate connection, since the image served to bring up the idea of Barbara, who sent us the card used as object.

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(“A connection with a session.” The connection here is Barbara herself, who mailed us the card used as object. Barbara, as well as her boyfriend Dick, played a strong emotional part in the envelope data for the 68th experiment, of August 29, 281st session.

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(“With, now… my impression here is of a desk, or chair connected with a desk. The type used in classrooms. I do not know if this refers to a child who attends school, to a teacher, or to someone such as your friends downstairs who have such an object.” There are plenty of connections here, though some are roundabout. Merle and Lois Cratsley also live in the apartment house, on the first floor, and do own such a chair. Their apartment adjoins Barbara, and they are of course well acquainted. The Cratsleys have no children but Barbara does have one, a girl nine years old. Later note by RFB: Mother Goose is a child’s tale. The place referred to as Story Land.

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(“Again, a formal affair connected here.” The card used as object tonight was sent to us by Barbara from Ft. Belvoir, VA. She visited her sister there, and while there attended a cocktail party and a dance in the company of a male she thinks highly of. Jane and I do not know if these affairs were literally formal however.

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(“Two children.” We know of but one child involved with the object, Barbara’s 9-year-old daughter Lisa. Lisa accompanied Barbara on the trip to Virginia and Story Book Land. But see supplement, page 25.

(“A connection with an item usually unavailable. With a machine of some kind.” Jane gave this data together, and we believe it refers to the flight made to Virginia from Elmira by Barbara and Lisa.

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(In connection with the “small circles” data above, I should add that Jane was subjectively sure the data did not refer to the printing or Barbara’s writing on the object. With this data Jane had an image of tiny circles, as on the Mother Goose costume, or of jewelry.

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(“A distant connection with wine or a wine house.” Remember that Jane had an image of Barbara’s boyfriend Dick. Jane is sure this data is a reference to the fact that last Saturday evening, September 3, Barbara and Dick visited a local pub; a bone of contention arose between them over this visit, but will not be discussed here. Suffice it to say that strong emotional feelings were engendered by the visit, and that Barbara discussed the visit with Jane today, the day of this experiment. The connection of course being that Barbara sent us the postcard used as object.

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(“A date, perhaps June of this year.” As noted on page 17, the last two letters of the month are missing within the circular postmark on the back of the card. “Ju” only being visible. But from other records we have we have determined that Barbara mailed us the card on July 12, rather than June.

(“Also a connection with September.” This is a reference to the fact that Jane talked with Barbara today, as she does on most days since Barbara lives in the same apartment house.

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(2nd Question: Can you say who is involved? “Ruburt here thinks of his corn, and Lois.” Jane said this is brought about through the chair data, and is a confusion arising from the fact that Barbara, who sent us the object, and Lois and Merle Cratsley live on the ground floor of the apartment house, in adjoining apartments. See the chair data interpretation on page 22.

(3rd Question: Can you say something about wine or the wine house? “Liquor connection. A visit to a place where it is sold. A man here.” See the wine house data-interpretation on page 23. Remember also that while giving the data Jane had an image of Barbara’s boyfriend, Dick, wearing a brightly-colored sports jacket Jane saw him wearing today.

(This data is a little more specific than that on page 23, and the man reference concerns Dick; as stated Dick and Barbara visited a certain local pub, and an altercation developed between them because of this. Barbara discussed the trouble with Jane today.

(4th Question: What’s that connection about a session? “Our sessions were discussed, or the item is closely connected to one used previously in our sessions.” See the interpretation of the session data on page 22. Tonight’s item, a postcard, is closely connected to one used previously as an envelope object. The object for the 67th experiment was also a postcard, used August 29 in the 281st session, and was sent to us by Leonard Yaudes, who also lives in our apartment house. Leonard and Barbara are of course friends also.

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