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TES6 Session 275 July 25, 1966 5/96 (5%) ticket park gathering blanket treman

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(The envelope object for the 64th envelope experiment was a parking ticket obtained at Robert Treman State Park, near Ithaca, NY, on July 12,1966, on our recent vacation. It is printed in black on card stock, with the serial number in a light blue ink. I enclosed it between two pieces of Bristol, then inserted this into the usual double envelopes. Ithaca is 30-some miles northest of Elmira.

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(See the tracing of the object and the notes on page 284. As stated we obtained the parking ticket used as object on July 12,1966 at Robert Treman State Park, Ithaca, NY, and I kept track of this date by attaching a note to the ticket. Other visits to the same park later in the week enter into the data, and these will be discussed as the need arises. Seth also helps out after break. In the meantime Jane and I began making our own connections with the object.

(“A connection with a flower or flowers”, immediately reminded Jane of our visits to Enfield Glen, or Robert Treman State Park. Jane was subjectively sure of this, she said. I remember our specifically commenting on the flowers there, on all our visits. Objectively however there is nothing in this data to connect it to Enfield.

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(“A connection with the number five. This could refer to a date or to five people. At an affair or a gathering, and this is a distant connection.” A somewhat distant connection, but a good one, we believe. As stated Jane and I visited Enfield Glen, or Robert Treman State Park, three times—July 12 for Tuesday, July 14 for Thursday, and July 16 for Saturday. The envelope object contained the ticket for the visit of July 12. We also obtained like objects for the other two visits, and Seth evidently uses this fact to lead to related connections. The above data concerns our visit to Enfield Glen on Saturday, July 16.

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(Question: “Can you say something about the five people?” “Three females and two males.” See the five and gathering data on page 289, concerning my brother Dick and his family. The next two questions also develop this particular data begun on page 289. And again, the link here being parking tickets for both our July 12 and July 16 visits to Enfield Glen/Robert Treman State Park.

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