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TES6 Session 275 July 25, 1966 10/96 (10%) ticket park gathering blanket treman

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A connection with the number 5. This could refer to a date or to five people. At an affair or a gathering, and this is a distant connection.

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(“A connection with the number five. This could refer to a date or to five people. At an affair or a gathering, and this is a distant connection.” A somewhat distant connection, but a good one, we believe. As stated Jane and I visited Enfield Glen, or Robert Treman State Park, three times—July 12 for Tuesday, July 14 for Thursday, and July 16 for Saturday. The envelope object contained the ticket for the visit of July 12. We also obtained like objects for the other two visits, and Seth evidently uses this fact to lead to related connections. The above data concerns our visit to Enfield Glen on Saturday, July 16.

(At Saturday’s visit there was indeed a gathering and an affair—an outdoor picnic involving 15 people, either relatives or close friends. Five of these people were my brother Dick and his family, including three children, from Rochester, NY. The above data is developed further in two of the questions Seth answers later, and will be furnished then for convenience’s sake.

(The people at the gathering were 4 Joe Korens, 5 Dick Buttses, my parents, Jane and me, and 2 Crosbys.

(The object also contains the number 5 twice, in the serial number and the price. I didn’t ask Seth about this, but perhaps the number 5 at the beginning of the above data was used to lead to the rest of it involving the gathering, etc.

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(“An A and a G or J.” Too vague to be of help. If initials for instance, there were two Ann’s at the gathering, a Jane and a Joe, etc.

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(Second Question: Can you say something more about G or J or A? “The initials or the letters seem to be connected with a square item, or package.” As stated, there were two Anns at the gathering Saturday, and a Jane and a Joe, etc. See page 284. This would connect such initials with the fact that the envelope object is a square item, [although not a package]. However, remember that the object came from our visit of Tuesday July 12, whereas the gathering was held on Saturday July 16. The link here being that a parking ticket was also obtained, and saved by me, during Saturday’s visit; this ticket was the same except for the serial number as the ticket used as object.

(Question: “Can you say something about the five people?” “Three females and two males.” See the five and gathering data on page 289, concerning my brother Dick and his family. The next two questions also develop this particular data begun on page 289. And again, the link here being parking tickets for both our July 12 and July 16 visits to Enfield Glen/Robert Treman State Park.

(What could have been a serious incident developed at the park and gathering during our Saturday visit. Dick’s young son David fell from a high slide and injured his back. At first it was thought seriously. David naturally cried loudly. As it happened five people tended to David, and their action was witnessed by Jane and myself from some distance away. Three females and two males did the attending: My mother; David’s mother Ida; Ann Crosby; David’s father Dick; and my father.

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(Both impressions here are valid. The blanket data because of David. After he took his fall a blanket was hunted for among the members of the gathering. One was finally taken from a car, and David was made to lie quietly on it for a while to make sure no delayed injury showed up. None did. The interesting bit of information here is that a deliberate effort was made to spread the blanket on a grassy spot near the picnic tables, so that a softer bed would be furnished.

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