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TES5 Session 235 February 23, 1966 5/145 (3%) coaster hack dancing envelope terwilliger

[... 57 paragraphs ...]

Terwilliger. This is not correct, but take it down, the Terwilliger.

(Jane rather blurted out the word Terwilliger, as though somewhat surprised herself, then gestured impatiently, her eyes still closed.)

[... 22 paragraphs ...]

(“Terwilliger.”, etc. This meant nothing to us, although Seth explains it later. At the moment Jane could only say that she had also found herself writing the word down in her daily predictions a few times lately, without knowing why.

[... 26 paragraphs ...]

(“Do you want to say something about the Terwilliger reference?”)

This had no connection. The Gallaghers were at a party that evening. They were somewhat on Ruburt’s mind, and the name Terwilliger is a subconscious designation he uses for them. A distortion of the words Tim and Gallagher, simply because Tim has a particularly Gaelic connotation for him. More so than Bill, which is our Jesuit’s first name.

[... 35 paragraphs ...]

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