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TES5 Session 235 February 23, 1966 3/145 (2%) coaster hack dancing envelope terwilliger

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(It involved a man I see very occasionally at my job. He works in another department, and is named Hack Rice. Jane and I see him more often when out dancing that I do on the job. He is always accompanied by his wife. Early Saturday evening, we saw Hack Rice and his wife dancing, and said hello as we usually do. At this time Hack was quiet and smiling.

(For a while the couple then disappeared from view and we forgot about them. Much later, around midnight, when the floor was crowded, Jane and I saw Hack again. Now he was obviously feeling good, and dancing with another woman. Hack is what they call a slow and smooth dancer. To the amusement of most people, Hack and the woman, whom we did not know, put on quite an exhibition of exaggerated, sinuous, close-contact dancing.

(So Jane, while voicing the impression of “grassy land”, had the mental impression of grain, which referred to a man named Rice, who was present in the place where I obtained the envelope object. The connections are as far out as Hack Rice’s funny behavior.)

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