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TES5 Session 235 February 23, 1966 10/145 (7%) coaster hack dancing envelope terwilliger

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

(The envelope object for tonight’s 35th experiment was a beer coaster that I picked up from our table last Saturday evening, at our favorite dining and dancing establishment here in Elmira. It was the one I had used. Jane and I met two young couples there by prearrangement, and we had much fun dancing. The coaster is made of heavy absorbent cardboard, so I peeled the top layer of paper from it. This contained the design, printed in red, without any unusual thickness to furnish Jane unwitting clues. It was sealed in the usual double envelope between two pieces of Bristol.

[... 69 paragraphs ...]

(“An enclosure.” We thought this a reference to the dining and dancing establishment we visited last Saturday evening, February 19, where I picked up the envelope object. Not to the establishment itself, but to the particular table we sat at with the other two couples. Its location, in one corner of the place, is unique; it sits on a raised platform perhaps two feet higher than the other tables; the dance band is on the left, the fireplace on the right, with an excellent view of the dance floor in between. The table itself is round, and backed up by a wide circular leather-covered divan-type of seat. In short, it’s the best seat in the house.

(“A specific event, which is anticipated. These connected with the item.” This is a reference to the Saturday evening of dancing, which was planned in advance by us with the other two couples, Marilyn and Don Wilbur, and Ann Diebler and Paul Sinderman. Certainly it was anticipated with pleasure.

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

(“Someone runs away.” I thought this a reference to the fact that Don Wilbur and his wife Marilyn left the dancing establishment somewhat earlier than the rest of us did, because he was very tired after putting many hours of overtime work for the county, in connection with the snow we have been getting this month. This was not correct.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

(Jane paused and smiled broadly. See the reference to “A connection with grassy land,” and “and a person who was not familiar to you personally.” in the envelope data. At once I recalled an incident that took place at the dancing establishment last Saturday evening; the six in our party had watched it with much amusement.

(It involved a man I see very occasionally at my job. He works in another department, and is named Hack Rice. Jane and I see him more often when out dancing that I do on the job. He is always accompanied by his wife. Early Saturday evening, we saw Hack Rice and his wife dancing, and said hello as we usually do. At this time Hack was quiet and smiling.

(For a while the couple then disappeared from view and we forgot about them. Much later, around midnight, when the floor was crowded, Jane and I saw Hack again. Now he was obviously feeling good, and dancing with another woman. Hack is what they call a slow and smooth dancer. To the amusement of most people, Hack and the woman, whom we did not know, put on quite an exhibition of exaggerated, sinuous, close-contact dancing.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

(The number 4 does appear in the small code number printed on the envelope object, inside the bottom border. We missed noting this during break. We had also forgotten that we met Marilyn and Don Wilbur first at the dancing establishment, and had time for our first drink before Ann Diebler and her escort, Paul Sinderman, arrived.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

(True. The large parking lot at the dancing establishment, once consisting of the usual rather loose gravel, had been paved with amacite late last fall.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

(This referred to Ann Diebler’s escort, Paul Sinderman. Paul holds a job in Norfolk, VA. He makes the 1200-mile round trip to Wellsburg, a small town just outside Elmira, to see Ann every other weekend. We were discussing the amount of driving this involved, during our evening at the dancing establishment last Saturday. Paul has been in at least one auto accident that we know of.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

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