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TES5 Session 214 December 6, 1965 6/95 (6%) discotheque napkin washington white ultraviolet

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(Peggy Gallagher, a feature writer for the Elmira Star-Gazette, is in Washington DC for a few days this week on business. Seth volunteered to give information about Peg’s activities while she is in Washington, and Jane also plans to tune in on Peg via psychological-time experiments. Both of these methods were used with some success during the Gallaghers’ vacation in Puerto Rico last October.

(Jane and I have yet to prepare Seth’s material on the Puerto Rico experiments, for insertion into the record. We have now decided to present Seth’s hits and near misses only, plus Seth’s data on the Washington experiment, in one of the sessions falling due the week after this.

(Apropos of Peggy’s Washington trip, Seth gave predictions when asked to during Friday’s unscheduled session. He also asked the Gallaghers not to say any more about the trip to him, once the subject had been brought up. I took no notes Friday evening, but Peggy did. They accompanied her to Washington, and at Seth’s request she will also make notes while there. There follows a copy of Seth’s material on the trip, as noted down by Peggy:

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(Since Peggy has now been made aware of Seth’s predictions, Jane and I now wonder what part, if any, suggestion might play in the events that transpire in Washington DC. Is it possible that the recipient of such predictions can influence physical events, either consciously or unconsciously?

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Now, I told you that I would discuss two dreams in which you were interested. However, since we are going to devote some time to our cat lover, in Washington, I will not begin the discussion of those dreams now. I could not do them justice in a short period, and would like to devote most of one session to them; and so we shall very shortly. Instead let us speak briefly on time and action.

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(We thought it might be time now for Seth to give some data on Peggy Gallagher and her activities in Washington, DC, since in giving the data on the Gallaghers in Puerto Rico last October, he had done so at 9:30 in each session. Jane now resumed with her eyes closed, and at a good pace. She was smiling. Resume at 9:35.)

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