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TES5 Session 214 December 6, 1965 3/95 (3%) discotheque napkin washington white ultraviolet

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(The 20th envelope test was held during this session. See the tracing on page 107. For the test object I used part of one of the paper napkins Jane and I were given when we varied our routine prior to the 213th session, and visited a local discotheque for a beer. See the notes on this on page 102. The results of tonight’s test were very interesting. While we were in the discotheque ultraviolet lights were turned on when the entertainment began; this means the test object was viewed by us in this unusual light, and this fact shows in tonight’s test data.

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(Jane felt that “white, snow white,” was valid data, even though she was thinking of a certain photo of my parent’s house, taken when there was deep snow. She saw this white as very bright. See my notes on page 109. When the ultraviolet lights were turned on in the discotheque, some colors were activated more than others. The light was actually quite dim, but the ultraviolet made anything white appear to be blinding white-paper, socks, white shirts, etc. The effect was very striking. The napkin was of white paper.

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(“yellow, as in sunlight,” is as interesting to us as the snow-white data listed above. Jane wore a white blouse to the discotheque. When the ultraviolet lights were turned on however, we were surprised to see a large, bright yellow stain on the front of her now brilliantly-white blouse. This stain was invisible in ordinary light. In addition, we discovered more similar yellow stains on both of Jane’s palms. We never did discover the source of the stains.

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