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TES5 Session 203 October 28, 1965 5/74 (7%) peg rhine rico puerto duke

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(Seth came through as we were discussing the rather striking fact that while in Puerto Rico the Gallaghers met a woman physiotherapist from Duke University. I do not have her name at the moment. This woman knows Dr. Rhine well. It seems that her department and Dr. Rhine’s are somehow linked at Duke, and that his incoming mail goes through her department. We will obtain more details. The lady told Peg and Bill a good deal about the workings of Dr. Rhine’s department; and how, now that he is past 70, the mandatory college retirement age, arrangements have been made for him to continue his work in parapsychology through a foundation which is apparently connected to or with the college.

(Shortly after the session began Seth told us that we would receive another letter from Dr. Instream “within a few days.” Seth also suggested Jane and I write to Dr. Rhine. The Duke physiotherapist had told Peggy that Dr. Rhine answers each letter he receives personally, “even those from crackpots.”

(Seth said it was coincidence that the Gallaghers and the woman from Duke were in Puerto Rico at the same time, but not coincidence when they met. There was telepathic exchange between the three of them. Dr. Instream knows Dr. Rhine.

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Through the woman at Duke our Jesuit picked up inner information which he has given to Ruburt... Ruburt doesn’t know he has received it... The Jesuit doesn’t know he has given it. The Jesuit... has already given Ruburt information about Dr. Rhine, telepathically; this happened at the time.

(Peggy and Bill met the woman from Duke in Puerto Rico.)

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