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TES5 Session 200 October 20, 1965 4/113 (4%) olive rico puerto car sister

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They ate with Peggy’s sister and husband, or they talked about them during the meal, in an immediate fashion, thinking of them very strongly. Perhaps making an appointment with them for this evening.

(Peggy’s sister had been married on the Saturday before Peggy and Bill left for Puerto Rico. The oddity here is that the sister and her new husband also went to Puerto Rico on their honeymoon; however they left for the island Saturday night, whereas Peggy and Bill left for Puerto Rico the next day, Sunday. As far as Jane and I know, the two couples had made no plans to meet down there, nor did they particularly want to.)

The sister’s husband has a squat build, and uses his hands often in work.

(Jane and I have not met the husband or sister. Jane now took a long pause at 9:41.)

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