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TES5 Session 200 October 20, 1965 2/113 (2%) olive rico puerto car sister

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In the dream however I was a young man with olive skin, from a previous existence. That is, it was myself in a previous existence. There were the other men whose voices were also heard in the first dream. This time however the intended vote of confidence was given emotionally, through smiling gestures and so forth.

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(Jane said she hadn’t consciously connected the voices in the first dream with the olive-skinned males in the second dream. She well remembered the young man who gracefully assisted her off the banister in the second dream. He had, Jane said, exceptionally beautiful and smooth olive skin. He was not very tall, but short, slim and well proportioned, with dark hair. Jane doesn’t recall this young man’s features specifically, nor for that matter the features of any of the other males. She remembers the fact that they were all smiling, and their smooth olive skins.

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