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TES5 Session 200 October 20, 1965 6/113 (5%) olive rico puerto car sister

[... 45 paragraphs ...]

I believe this evening our Dr. Instream is a little late. In any case he is not ready for us yet. (Pause.) A car stops, and he gets out of it.

[... 2 paragraphs ...]

I think the car is a Buick. (Pause at 10:05.) He makes an evening visit to his office, and perhaps has coffee in the cafeteria. He speaks to a man in the hall outside the cafeteria. There is some confusion in his mind as to whether or not he can be with us in time, and his thoughts dwell on the matter.

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(While giving the data involving the car at the beginning of the test, Jane said she had a feeling of unsureness at to the location of the car. She didn’t know whether it was at Dr. Instream’s office or at his home. She also didn’t know whether the unsureness referred to Seth or herself.

[... 26 paragraphs ...]

(Dream # 2; Tuesday night, October 19: In very bright and vivid color. Had to do with our Ford station wagon, which is blue. In a big old garage with Jane, I was ready to drive the car away, but then seemed to look up at it on a hoist. I saw that the radiator was pulled away from the rest of the motor, that hoses and other connections dangled, and that the oil and water had drained away. I realized the car hadn’t been used in a long time.

(Then I saw that the car sat on a steep grassy bank, beside a river I believe, and that another old jalopy had somehow been moved in front of our car so that we couldn’t move it. The bank was covered with brightly colored high grass and weeds. Jane and I tried to walk along a path toward the car. The path was worn down to the bare earth. We were barefoot, and now I saw that the path was littered with pieces of broken glass. I think I backed up, telling Jane something to the effect that we had already gone too far. Neither of us were cut or injured.

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(I did mention to Jane at break that I was concentrating on a question. I then added another question, I told her, but said no more other than that. I wondered whether Seth could answer the two questions. The second question was merely whether Seth could tell us anything about the blue car featured in the second dream.

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