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TES4 Session 197 October 11, 1965 4/68 (6%) electromagnetic test peggy coded identity

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I would like to remind Ruburt, again, that I told him that Peggy Gallagher would be of help in our sessions, long before she was a friend.

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(See the report by Jane and me at the end of the last session. Bill and Peggy will be leaving next week for a vacation in Puerto Rico, and the four of us have already made plans to try some telepathic/clairvoyant communications. The plans are simple; at session times next week Bill and Peggy will attempt to concentrate on Jane, Seth and me, with a view to seeing what Seth can pick up.

(In the 63rd session of June 17,1964, Seth said that Peggy Gallagher’s subconscious abilities were well developed. Peggy is a feature writer for the local paper. Jane was working at the Arnot Art Gallery then, and the two became casual acquaintances. However the friendship between the four of us did not begin to develop until early this year.

(It might be interesting to note here that Peggy was hypnotized by Dr. Milton Erickson in late March of 1959, during a meeting of the Finger Lakes Clinical Hypnosis Association at the Mark Twain Hotel in Elmira. Peggy attended the meeting in her role of reporter, and volunteered as a subject. Before about twenty people Dr. Erickson put her into a deep trance quite easily, with the result that Peggy had complete amnesia for a ten-minute period. After she learned of the Seth sessions Peggy searched the files of the newspaper for a copy of her article on the experience. It was printed on April 2,1959.)

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