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TES4 Session 197 October 11, 1965 10/68 (15%) electromagnetic test peggy coded identity

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Now. These electromagnetic changes form their own kind of pattern, which has mass but no weight, or weight so slight as to be indistinguishable.

The mass, generally speaking, is a denseness formed by the varying intensities. There are mathematical precisions and formulas here. There is a ratio between the mass, which is usually considerable, and the weight, which is barely noticeable. These electromagnetic frameworks could be considered as skeleton forms within physical matter.

The electromagnetic reality within the human organism has considerable mass, but the entire physical weight amounts to 3 to 6 ounces at the very most. Again, the mass is composed of electrical intensities. I have told you that all experience is basically psychological, and that it is held in coded form within the cells. One electrical pulsation can represent an emotional experience. The importance of the experience to the individual will be responsible for the intensity with which it is recorded.

(Again, see sessions 120-127, in Volume 3, for material on the electromagnetic field and related subjects.)

All of an individual’s experiences, even those of which he is not aware on a conscious basis, therefore are part of the electromagnetic reality that forms this particular individual’s electromagnetic identity. It exists within the physical matter of the organism during existence within the physical system. While the experiences which form this framework and compose this individual’s identity are obtained through his interaction with the physical system, his electromagnetic identity is not dependent upon the physical field.

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It goes without saying that there are electromagnetic connections between the ego and the subconscious, within the physical system. Again, we speak of the ego and the subconscious as separate merely for the sake of convenience. They merely are interchanges and mass identity centers where highly intricate self-translations take place, and where various transformations occur.

In the past we have spoken briefly concerning a tricky subject, the relationship of intensity and the nature of distance. The electromagnetic identity of any given individual contains the past identity systems, again in coded form. In other words, the previous personalities of past lives.

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I have mentioned that any action has an electromagnetic reality, and so thoughts and dreams as well form this identity system.

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In telepathic and clairvoyant experiences, the electromagnetic reality pattern is what is transmitted. It must then be transformed into a pattern that will be distinguished by ego awareness, if the individual is to be consciously aware of having received such a message.

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As the ego becomes certain of its strength, then it will allow the self to expand. I mentioned in our last session that the scientists did not realize that man has indeed evolved since the development of the human brain. For it has learned to form literally millions of new connections, meanings and concepts, new gestalts that have indeed made man something quite different than he was. All of these are new electromagnetic patterns which are now indelibly a part of the race.

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