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TES4 Session 197 October 11, 1965 4/68 (6%) electromagnetic test peggy coded identity

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The electromagnetic reality within the human organism has considerable mass, but the entire physical weight amounts to 3 to 6 ounces at the very most. Again, the mass is composed of electrical intensities. I have told you that all experience is basically psychological, and that it is held in coded form within the cells. One electrical pulsation can represent an emotional experience. The importance of the experience to the individual will be responsible for the intensity with which it is recorded.

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During his life within the physical system attractions with it are of course maintained. At physical death this connection is severed. Polarities are changed in reverse fashion. The individual identity, composed of its electrically and magnetically coded experiences, is therefore intact. I say intact, for to all purposes this is so. When the polarities are changed however in reverse fashion, the present ego follows its attraction to the subconscious, and the two are more or less united.

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In the past we have spoken briefly concerning a tricky subject, the relationship of intensity and the nature of distance. The electromagnetic identity of any given individual contains the past identity systems, again in coded form. In other words, the previous personalities of past lives.

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They are only available however under certain circumstances, for each of them is coded within a specific intensity range. They exist simultaneously with the present personality, but the present personality as a rule cannot pick them up, so to speak. Sometimes there is a bleedthrough however. Also, the chemical nature of certain emotional experiences may cause a freak electrical storm within the identity system, so that a past life may suddenly be recalled.

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