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TES4 Session 171 July 21, 1965 2/18 (11%) instream harsh taped extralong reconsidering

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(Jane had been much surprised at hearing her voice, as Seth, as it was taped Monday, July 19, for Dr. Instream. The power of the voice had amazed her, whereas I had taken it for granted because of long hours spent listening to it. She also was uneasy in that she felt Seth was too harsh at times; she worried about the reception Dr. Instream would give the tape, since Seth spoke in no uncertain terms. I thought that Dr. Instream’s reception would be perfectly fine, and that in this tape Seth, and Jane, had made their points just as they wanted to.

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I regret that when the voice has a loud volume it does indeed sound quite harsh. I assure you that this is not my intent. For Ruburt’s benefit, I have made no promises that I cannot keep. I cannot force, and will not attempt to force, Ruburt to accept my independent structure on a conscious level. He will do so in time.

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