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TES4 Session 170 July 19, 1965 15/148 (10%) footage dear doctor loud statue

[... 50 paragraphs ...]

You know, and I know, that it is literally impossible for a woman such as she to speak in tones as loud and deep as those which I am now using. But you speak of proof, and your psychologists speak of proof. Though I have Ruburt speak in tones as deep and ungodly as a frog’s, this will mean nothing.

(Jane’s voice had been very strong, very loud. Now it began to diminish.)

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 10:06. Jane was dissociated as usual. She remained standing until break, with her eyes closed. Her voice was strong, quite loud at times, somewhat slower, and at times had humorous overtones. Footage 762, Mono One, Side One.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

(Jane’s voice again climbed the scale in volume. It became very loud and strong, rising and falling. During some passages, up until break time, the volume of sound she produced made my ears ring. I would say that in these passages she exceeded the effects produced in the last part of the 158th session. It will be remembered that the Gallaghers were witnesses to the first part of that session.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

And may I also say that if voice effects are necessary in order that you read my material, then my dear doctor voice effects galore shall you receive. (Very loud.) For I am above all things, once again, an educator, and as such like all educators I am sly, and you shall receive whatever effects you require in my good time. And you will therefore be intrigued enough to read the material which I have presented, and I will get my point across.

(Continuing loud, with the high spots underlined:)

[... 1 paragraph ...]

I may not know what is right for it, but I certainly know what is wrong. What is wrong is your limited perception. What is wrong are the arbitrary limitations which you have set upon reality; and these limitations, while set by you, nevertheless operate as if they were absolute. I say again, if any small and simple treats of voice (louder again) will serve to make supposedly sane men stand up and listen (louder, strong, very strong; Jane’s head was thrown back as though to let the great voice out unimpeded) then so I will speak out in loud and hearty tones. (If possible, even stronger here. Then the voice began to soften. Jane displayed no strain or fatigue.)

It is however most unfortunate that intelligent men will not listen to intelligent and sane and illuminating data without requiring such magician’s tricks as this. I am however and always have been quite practical. And as a practical personality (loud) I am as sly as any psychologist ever thought of being. I will therefore manage.

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

(Jane stood up once more before her chair. Her eyes were closed. She was smiling and gesturing. Now as she spoke she leaned forward some of the time, as though getting restless at merely standing upright in one spot. And again her voice began to display pyrotechnics, first loud, then soft; partially indicated in the following paragraphs.)

And here you see an example of my sly nature, for Ruburt (louder) will present my material for me. Regardless of its source, the material speaks loud and clear. It is largely disregarded, the sort of personality which is required in this endeavor. It simply happens that because of past relationships I know Ruburt well, and Ruburt knows me far better than he imagines.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

They are not humble where their own work is concerned, but they find it difficult to accept the possibility that they are involved in such a venture as this one. We have here merely a conglomeration of excellent circumstances, and we shall take advantage of them, Dr. Instream, you and I. Our purposes somewhat complement each other. (Loud, very loud and strong.)

[... 6 paragraphs ...]

Now. Because I have been called upon to give a voice display, so shall you see that I can do so. (Very loud and strong.) You will also find at the end of this session that Ruburt’s vocal chords are in no way fatigued; and I can so speak here for hours, nor would this bother Ruburt in the slightest degree. If such a display serves to convince you of my validity then so shall it be. I find it difficult to imagine that you need such childish play to convince you of that which you already know. (Loud and strong.)

Let it not be said that I do not cooperate; and before twenty psychologists, my dear friend, we shall be most willing to comply. But we have our conditions, and if your conditions shall be met (very loud here, to slowly subside) my dear friend, then so shall mine. (Loud again.) We will give and take. I shall not give and give. If you consider this display a childish one, then let me remind you that I consider your requests in the same manner.

[... 5 paragraphs ...]

(End at 11:45. Jane had been dissociated as usual. She remained standing in her accustomed spot until the end of the session. Her eyes had remained closed, her voice had been good all the way, with some very strong and vibrant passages. In my opinion these exceeded the loud passages in the 158th session. Jane had cleared her throat a few times toward the end of the session, but now displayed no strain, or unusual fatigue.

[... 25 paragraphs ...]

(During most of the above dialogue, Seth spoke in a very loud and strong voice; Peggy estimated it could be heard for a city block.

[... 7 paragraphs ...]

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