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TES4 Session 170 July 19, 1965 9/148 (6%) footage dear doctor loud statue

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

(Jane actually began speaking at 8:57. Her voice was stronger than usual from the beginning, her manner active. The recording was begun with the footage set at 000 prior to Jane’s introduction, on Monaural One, Side One.)

[... 14 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 9:12. Jane had been dissociated as usual. Her eyes had been closed and she had remained seated for the entire delivery. Her voice had been stronger than usual, and she had spoken at such a rapid pace that I had not been able to keep up with her in my notes. The bulk of the above delivery is thus taken from the tape. The delivery ended with the footage registering 333 on the recorder, Mono One, Side One.

[... 15 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 9:35. Jane was well dissociated as usual. Her eyes had remained closed, she had remained seated. Her voice had been strong and expressive, if somewhat on the same keel throughout the session so far. The voice effects began to show themselves after this break. Footage at break was 552, Mono One, Side One.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 10:06. Jane was dissociated as usual. She remained standing until break, with her eyes closed. Her voice was strong, quite loud at times, somewhat slower, and at times had humorous overtones. Footage 762, Mono One, Side One.

[... 19 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 10:40. Jane was dissociated as usual, she said. She had remained standing until break, with her eyes closed. She felt no fatigue from the voice effects. Her pace of dictation had been somewhat slower and I had been able to keep up with her. Footage at 412, Mono One, Side Two.

[... 18 paragraphs ...]

(Break at 11:18. Jane was dissociated as usual, and was not displaying any undue fatigue from the long session. She remained standing until break, her eyes closed all the while. Her voice had been good, yet quieter than the really strong display of the earlier delivery, and I had been able to keep up in my notetaking. Peggy had no trouble either. Footage at 686, Mono One, Side Two.

[... 17 paragraphs ...]

(This point was abundantly made, for although we did not know it at the time, the session was due to resume at midnight. At the moment the footage scale on the recorder read 860, Mono One, Side Two. We had a little tape left, so I decided to use it to demonstrate for others the fact of Jane’s immunity to voice fatigue. The following is taken from the tape verbatim, and includes a statement from Bill Gallagher, who witnessed the session with his wife Peggy. It was made immediately after the end of the session; perhaps a few minutes were lost here when I made a false start on the recorder, due to inexperience, and had to start the exchange between Jane and myself over.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

(Footage at 876. I added the following notes a couple of days later.

[... 1 paragraph ...]

(Footage at 887.)

[... 18 paragraphs ...]

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