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TES4 Session 169 July 12, 1965 4/103 (4%) instream dr rhine limitations gullible

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(Dr. Instream said that people often do get hurt, when instead they should be protected. He knows Dr. Rhine and another director personally, and voiced suspicions about their methods.)

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There is a sweetness in the nature of your Dr. Rhine.

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That sweetness allows for spontaneity, and explains why many of his cases succeeded. But for entirely different reasons Dr. Rhine also gets too involved, and the end result is the same... we can get effects, but the laboratory atmosphere will not help us.

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(Dr. Instream agreed with Seth’s brief sketches of Dr. Rhine and the other director. He said that Dr. Rhine’s sweetness had led him into traps where his controls were not rigid enough during experiments, that his disposition was of the type that would not make him crack down. On the other hand, the other director was too strict. Dr. Instream used these examples to point out how important the correct methodology was in trying to obtain proofs in psychic investigations.

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