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TES4 Session 169 July 12, 1965 8/103 (8%) instream dr rhine limitations gullible

[... 12 paragraphs ...]

We are working here indeed with human limitations. However, within the range of human limitations there is indeed much that can be done.

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I will indeed see what experiments can be made, working within the limitations that are, unfortunately, what we now have to deal with. At a future regular session, I will endeavor in a more specific manner to discuss what can be done here, and what cannot be done. We can do much, much we cannot do. But since we do understand both the potentialities and the limitations, then we can indeed make the best of what we have.

I have said this often, but I meet you for the first time: I am indeed no misty-eyed ghostly spirit, materializing in the middle of the night. I am simply an intelligent personality no longer bound by your physical laws. Nevertheless these are limitations, when I must accept these physical laws in order to prove to pompous nincompoops that what we, you and I, know exist does in fact exist.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

I will not keep you. Like myself, you are a busy man. But I will see what can be done, and we shall work along those lines, taking into consideration the potential, and quite human, limitations.

[... 11 paragraphs ...]

([Dr. Instream:] “Yes... the trouble is our human limitations... our methodology is important to us here... if we are to get others to listen to us....”)

We will in a regular session take this into consideration... it would be of great benefit if you and others would understand that these limitations exist only because you accept them.

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I will not endeavor to go into this in any detail at this time. We will work within these limitations and see what we can do. The human is not innately limited... the waking state, as I have said often, is as much a trance state as any other state. Here we merely switch the focus of attention to other channels. All that is required is that we switch the attention... consider merely that all types of awareness are trance states... consciousness is the direction in which the self looks.

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I am an excellent debater. I can hold my own in any conversation. Forgive my lack of humility. I can hold my own with your good doctor in New York, I can take him for you... I also know my own limitations, but I do respond to human relationships.

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