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TES4 Session 169 July 12, 1965 50/103 (49%) instream dr rhine limitations gullible

(We had no real opportunity to talk with Dr. [...] During our discussion Dr. Instream revealed that he had mailed the sessions listed above to his friend Dr. [...] Jane and I answered Dr. [...]

(Seth also said in the 168th session that we would make an appointment, as we obviously did to see Dr. [...] Over coffee Monday, Dr. [...] Seth had said we would be asked to read a book, but Dr. [...] We also bought two books by Dr. [...]

(Dr. Instream agreed with Seth’s brief sketches of Dr. [...] He said that Dr. [...] Dr. [...]

(Up until this point I had made a verbatim record as usual, and had thought the little session in Dr. [...] An exchange now developed however, that was new to us in the sessions, involving Jane, Seth, Dr. [...] Unless otherwise noted what follows is the exchange between Dr. [...]

(Jane and I attended the Hypnosis Symposium at Oswego State University College at Oswego, NY, on Friday evening, July 9th, and on Saturday and Sunday, July 10 and 11, at the invitation of Dr. [...] I had written to Dr. [...]

(We lunched with Dr. [...] Dr. [...]

(This first part of the session is verbatim as usual, until the interchange between Seth and Dr. [...] Here the pace began to speed up as the two talked back and forth, and in the interests of spontaneity, and because this was a new development in the sessions, I made no attempt to slow Seth down, nor to record every word Seth or Dr. [...]

(Dr. [...] Dr. [...]

(A case in point, Dr. [...] Dr. [...]

(Dr. [...] He knows Dr. [...]

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